Modern China is Shenzhen! Today, most of what is Shenzhen has been developed in the last 20 years. What was a small backwater next to Hong Kong until the late 70’s now has the second biggest Skyline in mainland China. At its current rate of growth, Shenzhen will be the largest city in the world by every measure by 2050.

In the beginning Shenzhen was known for being ‘next to Hong Kong’. Today, Shenzhen stands on its own as a world city. These days, people from Hong Kong come across on the weekend to shop and stock up. Great places to shop for price and variety are Dong’men, one of the busiest shopping districts in China and Luohu Commercial City. CoCo Park is the most popular mall with a 24 hour Starbucks and popular restaurant and bar scene nearby.

Dameisha, one of the most popular and well known beaches in the area is easily accessible by bus from Grand Theatre. Right next to Shenzhen, it is a nice place to spend a few hours, get some sun and relax. Being in the south, Shenzhen has a mild winter with only six weeks on average of slightly cooler temperatures.

Shenzhen is a very outdoorsy city. It is common to see people running on the streets in the evenings, walking and playing with pets in parks or public spaces both individually and in groups and enjoying their own time. Going out to eat is also an event. One popular place is ‘Cabin BBQ’ which is also known as ‘Obama’s little brother’s restaurant’, which is a short walk from the Shenzhen ENREACH center.

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