Teachers words

Nick :"Best agency ever, agents care about us and present good gifts hahaha))"

Dima:"In summer 2017 I had a luck to get a friendly and stable cooperation with "Shenzhen Idea Lixin International Culture Exchange Co."
The staff helped me not only to find a job here, but also to meet China and it's culture closer. More than half a year has passed and I am sure that the staff of above-mentioned company has a talent to get on with their employees, always find a consensus and create harmony in cooperation together. I can not say that here I have not had any difficulties, but the staff has always helped and supported me, I am still sure they will manage any problem which can occur with a foreigner here. I would like to wish this company to have long stability, fame and financial growth, to continue working the same way and of course happiness to every staff member!"

Natalia:"I appreciate the personal approach that the company has. My agent is available even on weekends and in the evenings, it makes me feel taken care of."

    • Asma from Morocco

    • Andrii from Ukraine

    • Iana from Russia

    • Nick from Ukraine

    • Hayford from Ghana

    • Fati from Morocco

    • Diana from Bolivia

    • Denys from Ukraine

    • James from Morocco

    • Billie from Serbia

    • Issac from Turkey

    • Annie from Algeria

    • Aleksandr from Russia

    • Afia from Ghana

    • Zaim from Morocco

    • Alex from Moldova

    • Sima from Lithuania

    • Claudio from Italy

    • Juda from Spain

    • Bob from Algeria

    • Luke from Venezuala

    • Yana from Armenia

    • Taha from Morocco

    • Sam from Ukraine

    • Omy from Morocco

    • Olga from Russia

    • Hazel from Philippines

    • Mobin from Iran

    • Jasmin from Morocco

    • Lee from Algeria

    • Lara from Armenia

    • Lana from Russia

    • Kimverly from Philippines

    • Kaye from Russia

    • Kate from Russia

    • Kate & CJ & Dima & Anna being together

    • Joe from Morocco

    • Jason from Russia

    • Jasmine from Armenia

    • Nika from Ukraine

    • Ryan from USA

    • Michael from Ireland

    • Natalia from Russia

    • Thomas from UK