How and Why Foreigners Should Get Temporary Registration Form in China?

Date2022-10-21 Clicks639


 I.  According to Exit and Entry Administration Law of the Peoples Republic of China, Article 39, For foreigners living in hotels inside China, hotels should register the info and report it to the local police station.

For foreigners living in other places except for hotels, its required to register to the local police station by themselves or by the accommodation provider within 24 hours. 

II. Foreigners who live or stay in other places except for hotels, should register to the area administrative police station. If the living place has set up police room, foreigner service station, foreigners can also register in those places.  Universities enrolling overseas students, and company accommodating foreigners, are also able to register for foreigners as an accommodation provider from the area administrative police station, according to law and regulation. 

III. According to Exit and Entry Administration Law or the Peoples Republic of China, Article 76, foreigners living or staying in places except for hotels, who however, haven’t registered to the area administrative police station as it requires in Article 39, will be given a warning, and a fine under 2000 RMB. 

IV. Hotels who dont register and report for foreigners at the police station in accordance with law and regulations, according to the relevant regulations in Law of the Peoples Republic of China on Punishment for Public Security Administration, will be given a warning. And under serious case, there will be a fine over 1000 RMB but less than 5000 RMB. 

V. The temporary registration form is also one of the essential document to apply work visa at the local immigration bureau.