Online teaching

Date:2020-4-26 Clicks:6735


2020, its been a special year,influenced by the corona virus, all schools are forced to postpone the reopening date, which in spite of causes a result that kids can not sit in the classroom as usual for attending class, but it also has built everyone a health battle line to protect our lives. Since the Guangdong Education Department announced to conduct online teaching from 2nd March, varied kindergartens and schools have joined the online teaching activity.




Teacher Victoria gets involved in daily life with kids through online video chat, to help kids consolidate their learned knowledge, and lead them to describe things around them, so that kids could enhance their level of spoken English.



 Holly, Kaye and Nika


Teachers Holly, Kaye and Nika, however, have been used the method of recording video materials to mentor kids to read words and sentences, to complete games and handwork. And kids would show their learning outcomes to their teacher by recording videos back. And teachers would get back to them with their comments and encouragements accordingly. In this way, a chance is given to kids to review the knowledge theyve been learning, which enhances their memory as well.






During the pandemic, teacher Jason has been giving online sports courses to kids, not only helping them master the vocabularies and sentences of sport, but also getting them involved in home exercise, to improve immunity. So kids, have you all finished the homework given by teacher Jason to keep doing a 20-min exercise every day?









Teacher Nelly prepared an interesting story Llama Llama Red Pajama, to let kids feel together all kinds of feelings of the little alpaca Llama. Come to think about it, is it just like you when you are home?


On the other hand, during the pandemic, teacher Nelly also emphasizes on wearing a mask when kids need to go out for shopping and washing hands when they get home, so that we can keep the virus away.